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Musculoskeletal Pain Specialist

United Spine and Joint Center

Interventional Pain Management & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist located in Leesburg, VA

Are you dealing with pain in your muscles, joints, or bones? If so, you know how inconvenient and disabling the pain can be for you. If you want solutions to your pain, call Dr. Jon Mader at United Spine and Joint Center. Located in Leesburg, Virginia, and servicing Lansdowne, VA., Dr. Mader is an Interventional Pain Management Specialist who can help you feel better without dangerous opiate drugs. Call or click to schedule your consultation at United Spine and Joint Center today to relieve your pain faster.

Musculoskeletal Pain Q & A

What is a musculoskeletal pain?

Musculoskeletal pain is any pain that involves the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. It can be temporary or chronic, may flare up without warning, and may be located in only one joint or many.

What are the types of musculoskeletal pain?

Bone pain

Pain is deep, penetrating, or dull. Injuries most commonly cause it, but fractures or tumors may cause it.

Muscle pain

Muscle pain is usually less intense than bone pain, but it can be debilitating. It may involve muscle spasms or cramps. It can be caused by an injury, an autoimmune reaction, loss of blood flow to the muscle, an infection, or a tumor.

Tendon and ligament pain

Injuries usually cause pain in these locations, mostly sprains. Tendon and ligament pain become worse when the affected area is moved or stretched.


Fibromyalgia is a condition that involves pain in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The pain can be difficult to describe but appears in many places at once along with other symptoms.

Joint pain

Joint pain is characterized by stiff, aching, “arthritic” pain in the affected joint. The pain can be mild to severe, it becomes worse with movement and may cause swelling of the joint.

“Tunnel” syndromes

Tunnel syndromes cause pain due to compression of nerves in the area. The most common type is carpal tunnel syndrome that presents with numbness and tingling in the arm and hand.

How is musculoskeletal pain diagnosed?

Musculoskeletal pain is diagnosed after an extensive evaluation and physical examination by Dr. Mader. Based on his findings, Dr. Mader may order additional studies, like laboratory work, X-rays, or MRIs.

After collecting all the necessary information, Dr. Mader provides you with a thorough explanation of the cause of your pain, a diagnosis, and treatment options.

How is musculoskeletal pain treated?

Dr. Mader offers conservative and more extensive treatments, depending on the cause of your pain. As a Physical Rehabilitation Specialist, Dr. Mader provides expert physical therapy for many types of musculoskeletal pain.

He prescribes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, joint injections, and corticosteroids for complex cases. He also works with other medical providers if additional treatment is needed.

If you want to end your musculoskeletal pain, call United Spine and Joint Center or schedule online today to start healing.